• School leaders face the immediate challenges of raising student achievement while also preparing students for success in a digital age. The Digital Thinking Process provides a practical pathway for developing 21st century skills and simultaneously strengthening student core subject-area learning. It also allows educators to implement research-based, evidence-based practice to strengthen and assess the ISTE NET Standards.

About Ferdi Serim
Ferdi Serim is the author of several books, including NetLearning - Why Teachers Use the Internet. His experience includes serving as a board member for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), and as the director of New Mexico State EdTech.

Course Units
  • Digital Age Learning: Why Now? Why Me?
  • Rethinking Best Practices and Digital Age Learning
  • The Digital Learning Process (a.k.a. Visual Learning Process)
  • The ISTE NETS for Students, in Depth (Part 1)
  • Eyes on the Prize: The ISTE NETS for Students, in Depth (Part 2)
  • The ISTE NETS for Teachers, in Depth
  • Checking Your Digital Age Teaching and Learning Toolkit
  • Connecting Your Classroom and Real Life: Career Clusters

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