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Bring Courageous Conversations Online to Your Organization


Move beyond Random Acts of Equity to Systemic Equity Transformation

The Challenge

Although racial equity has emerged as a growing priority, many schools and districts lack the framework to talk about race in productive ways that lead to transformation. In addition, systems have typically approached equity-based professional learning as a box to check off in order to meet compliance mandates, rather than an opportunity for systemic change.

Our Solution

Systemic equity transformation requires a wholesale shift in the organizational culture of a school district. The Courageous Conversations about Race online program, co-developed by Pacific Educational Group (PEG) and PCG Education (PCG), provides the tools to build capacity at scale aimed at the elimination of racial disparities in access and achievement. The Program provides research-based, rigorous content, instructional coaching, and expert consulting services.

The professional learning program, with the online course Courageous Conversations about Race at its center, rolls out over a 12 to 14-week period. The online course allows districts to offer foundational content to all educators and staff either simultaneously or strategically in several stages over a relatively short period of time, all while maintaining rigor and fidelity. This approach develops and accelerates a district’s capacity to engage meaningfully in systemic equity transformation and to provide intentional support to all stakeholders as they learn new concepts and strategies to honestly address inequities in the organization.


"Without true commitment to racial equity work at the leadership level, districts and schools too often engage in “random acts of equity.” These event- and incident-driven piecemeal approaches are generally characterized by cultural day events, isolated book studies, emergency responses to racial incidents, and drive-by professional learning workshops.

These activities do not engage educators in sustained and thoughtful understanding of their own status, that of their students, and the impact of race on their daily interactions. "

Glenn Singleton

"I was very impressed with the videos, with being able to see other people interacting and working with each other and then responding…I found all of it to be A+… I am honestly and genuinely telling you that I think it was one of the best educational experiences that I have had and I feel as if I’ve had a lot of good ones."

Terry Lopez Preuss, Equity Liaison, Broward County PS, FL

Expert Consulting Services

PCG and PEG partner to provide expert consulting services in supporting districts in implementing equity-based initiatives and blended model professional learning. Services include established project management protocols, collaborative change management and strategic implementation support. Additional wrap-around consulting services may also include hosting kick-off meetings, facilitating work sessions and seminars, and providing project evaluation services.



Instruction, Coaching & Practice

The online course supports sustained engagement through three methods:

Virtual Coaching

PCG’s online coaches have supported educators nationwide as they engage in professional learning addressing critical issues of equity and culturally responsive teaching practices. Online coaches have years of combined experience as administrators, instructional coaches, educational consultants and professional learning facilitators.

As learners begin their coursework, they receive an introduction letter from a virtual coach that outlines the expectations of the course.


Bi-weekly Status Reports

Learner progress and recommendations for increased engagement are provided to district staff to support the success of the program.

Program Analysis

Through a cycle of continuous reflection and improvement, we partner with districts and schools to conduct a program analysis and optimize continued learning from feedback received.


Post-Course: 93% of participants were comfortable or extremely comfortable having conversations about race on a daily basis. This indicates an increase in comfortability of nearly 20%.


Courageous Conversations about Race - Glenn E. Singleton

The online course, Courageous Conversations About Race, was developed in partnership with Glenn Singleton, founder of Pacific Educational Group (PEG). PEG is renowned for addressing systemic educational inequity by providing a framework, guidance, and support to K-12 systems and institutions of higher education focused on meeting the needs of under-served students of color. In Courageous Conversations about Race, educators gain the knowledge and skills to understand and examine the impact of race on student achievement and the role that racism plays in institutionalized racial disparities. Educators learn a practical and accessible protocol that supports them in challenging their personal beliefs around race. By the end of this course, educators have the knowledge, skills, and practical strategies to engage in courageous conversations about race on a daily basis in both personal and professional contexts.

Why take Courageous Conversations online?

  • Learn directly from Glenn Singleton
  • Engage in deep and sustained learning around the protocol
  • Scale equity professional learning districtwide and build a common language
  • Complete the course anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace
  • Work with a Virtual Coach who will support you throughout the course by providing personalized feedback and guidance
  • Earn CEUs or graduate PD credit

"I rolled out some professional developments at my school and was again able to go back to some of the workshop videos that are part of the online course, see the methodologies they use and how to present issues and then I could go back and do that."

Kalebra Jacobs-Reed, Equity Liaison, Broward County PS, FL



"I was originally so overwhelmed when I started. I thought that I would never get to this point. But, now that I am here I feel professionally and personally more equipped…Thank you for exposing me to this level of rigor. I am more confident that the work that I do is, and will continue, to make a difference in the lives of our students.”"

LaKay Wilkerson, Equity Liaison, Broward County PS, FL

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