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Formative Assessment and Standards Based Grading


Course Description

Education experts Robert J. Marzano, PhD and Tammy Heflebower explain the research, theory and practice of their widely adopted methodology based on the assumption that to design instruction that advances all their students’ achievement, teachers must be able to design assessments that fully illuminate what their students are learning. Participants will learn how to track student progress through detailed descriptors of the essential skills and knowledge students must learn for meaningful and purposeful learning; the kind of feedback, assessment, and grading students need to help them learn; how to construct those assessments; how to create rubric-based scales to inform both formative and summative assessments; and how to monitor and affect student progress. The course features interviews with teachers and students, classroom footage, workshop activities, presentations, and an accompanying text. Grading criteria can also then be more adequately communicated to parents in measuring student achievement.


Formative Assessment and Standards Based Grading

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Course Presenters

Dr. Robert J. Marzano

Dr. Robert J. Marzano is the cofounder and CEO of Marzano Research Laboratory in Denver, Colorado. Throughout his forty years in the field of education, he has become a speaker, trainer, and author of more than thirty books and 150 articles on topics such as instruction, assessment, writing, and implementing standards, cognition, effective leadership, and school intervention. His books include:


Dr. Tammy Heflebower, EdD

Dr. Tammy Heflebower, EdD, is vice president of Marzano Research Laboratory. She is a consultant with experience in urban, rural, and suburban districts throughout North America. Dr. Heflebower has served as a classroom teacher, building-level leader, district leader, regional professional develop director, and national trainer. She has also been an adjunct professor of curriculum, instruction, and assessment courses at several universities.

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Since 1998, Solution Tree has worked to transform education worldwide by empowering educators to raise student achievement. With more than 30,000 educators attending professional learning events and more than 4,260 professional development days in schools each year, Solution Tree helps teachers and administrators confront essential challenges. Solution Tree has a catalog of more than 515 titles, hundreds of videos and online courses and is the creator of Global PD, an online tool that facilitates the work of professional learning communities.

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